How to determine the type of skin at home

Skin type

Before you go ahead and follow a skincare routine and buy products you need to have the answer to the question: “What is my skin type?” Sometimes you feel that you know your skin type but as I also did this mistake earlier so trust me sometimes you don’t.

Also, it is not possible to take care of your skin properly if you don’t know your skin. Your skin can be normal, oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, or a combination.

How to identify the skin type

You can determine the skin type at home itself by doing this simple test also known as the bare-faced method. Follow the steps.


Wash your face with a cleanser to remove all the dirt and impurities.


Pat your face dry with a soft face towel and leave the skin bare. Resist applying any kind of moisturizer or any other product so that the skin can act naturally.


After 1 hour check your face and note down the characteristics.

# If your face feels tight, itchy, and flaky then you are having a dry skin type. You can also pinch your skin lightly, if it forms wrinkles then definitely your skin is dry.

# If your skin feels a bit greasy and shiny, then your skin is oily. You can better understand by patting your skin with a tissue and check the tissue. If you see oil in it then you will know you have oily skin. Oily skin also generally has large pores.

# On the other hand if you see the shine only on the T-zone (Head, nose & chin) but the other parts of the skin like cheeks and jawline, etc. are dry then you are having a Combination skin type.

# If you are not feeling either dry or greasy then lucky you :), you are having Normal Skin.

# In case your skin is red and you feel very itchy or your skin is inflamed then definitely you are having a Sensitive skin.

So now you know your skin type, let me tell you more about your skin’s characteristics.

Oily Skin

Your skin is shiny and greasy all the time. You will notice a lot of excess oil on your face, neck, and shoulders as well. If you are a teenager having oily skin is very common.

You have large pores and they clog very easily. And clogging of the pores leads to acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

You will feel like washing your face more than twice because it feels really fresh once you wash your face with a cleanser.

Cause of Oily Skin type :

It is all about the genes. The skin’s sebaceous glands tend to produce more oil than usual. The other factors can be hormones or climate like high-humidity.

Things to avoid:

Do not use Oil-based cleanser, moisturizer or even makeup.

Avoid using alcohol-based products as well because it will irritate the skin and it strips away the excess oil or the natural moisture from the skin.

Do not wash your face more than twice with cleanser, if needed wash your face with warm water. The more you will try to strip out the natural oil from your skin, the sebaceous glands will automatically start producing more oil.   

Follow this skincare routine for Oily skin. Check it out here.

Dry Skin

Your skin will always feel tight and flaky and sometimes itchy as well. You will never feel like your skin can get enough moisture.

Dry skin is always dehydrated and sometimes very sensitive as well which means prone to skin allergy and irritation. But one good news is, generally dry skin is less prone to breakouts and acne.

Cause of dry Skin type:

Genetically dry skin is designated to produce less oil or sometimes it is because of the climate or hormonal changes as well. Sometimes with age also our skin becomes more dry and thin.

Things to avoid:

Do not use alcohol-based or sulfate-based products because these harsh products can damage your skin.

Also, try to avoid hot showers and do not wash your face with hot water.

Also, drink enough water so that you get the hydration from inside. Check out the specific skincare routine for dry skin here

Combination Skin

You will feel oiliness only on your T-zone along with large open pores and sometimes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. But your skin will be normal in the cheeks and jawline.

Cause of Combination skin type:

Overproduction of oil in the forehead, nose, and chin area because the glands there tend to produce more oil.

Sometimes the wrong products can also cause this skin imbalance because treating combination skin is quite tricky because different areas of skin have different needs. So if you use oil-based products your T-zone will suffer, on the other hand, if you use water-based products your cheek region will suffer.

Things to avoid:

Avoid alcohol-based products, they will dry out your skin. Also, avoid over-cleansing your face.

Use separate products to treat your oily T-zone and the dry areas. The right products will help you in restoring skin balance.

Normal Skin

You will know if you are having normal skin, there will be few problems like pimples or flaky skin occasionally but they don’t remain permanently.  

Your complexion is pretty balanced and your skin will not react badly to any product.

Cause of normal Skin:

Obviously genes. 🙂

Things to avoid:

Normal skin is pretty easy to take care of. But that does not mean that you will completely ignore your skin.

You need to take care of your skin because normal skin ages more quickly, so use anti-aging products from your early twenties. Definitely don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Also, choose your products wisely. Check out the entire skincare routine here.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin generally suffers from rosacea, eczema, or other allergies. Also, your skin easily reacts to new products. Generally, it will right to say that your skin reacts to everything that may be heat, sun, waxing, shaving, any new product, etc.

Cause of sensitive skin:

There can be many causes for sensitive skin other than genes and hormonal changes. Climatic changes like humidity, dry climates, or hard water.

Also, the products you use can cause skin sensitivity because they might contain alcohol or harsh chemicals.

Things to avoid:

Avoid using products with fragrance, harsh chemicals, or alcohol. It is recommended to use the basic ingredients and avoid them.

Knowing your skin is actually the first step and many of us do not do this step and that’s why sometimes it is very overwhelming because there are so many products available in the market. But the best tip that I can give you is that “Choose the products wisely, they make a lot of difference”. It is all about the ingredients.

So now that you know your skin and its characteristics, it is much easier to buy the right products and follow a proper skincare routine.

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